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  • When i started going to see Dr Kota i was hesitant to believe that diet would help me. My A1C was 11.6 (2019) now in 2024 it is 5.6. I'm on no medication for it, just started trying his suggestions. I did not diet and starve myself either. Cut out carbs with Keto for 6 months and now just eating...

    ~ Christopher Weimer ~

  • I first visited Dr. Kota for help with my type 2 diabetes, and with Dr. Kota’s guidance, I now have the knowledge and support to take control of my health. After being a patient of Dr. Kota’s, I have learned how to control my blood sugar; I have lost weight and stopped taking medications I have ...

    ~ Jim ~

  • Dr Kota and his staff are the most amazing people I’ve met. Details details details are one of my favorite things about Dr Kota. His staff are like a well oiled machine, filled with competence, compassion, and caring that is seen in every office visit and phone call.

    ~ Jan Sheldon ~

  • I cant say enough how much Dr.Kota has helped and taught me. The staff is great and I look forward to every visit.

    ~ Marty McHale ~

  • I’ve always gotten excellent treatment from Dr. Kota, and his staff. I couldn’t imagine ever going anywhere else......

    ~ Nelson Perez ~

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